Hi my name is Giordana, I'm from italy and i'm 19 years old :)
I love reading mangas, drawing, playing guitar and music is my life! :)

I’m walkin’ to the day(SuJu) Walk with me(SOAD) Led to this unknown place(SHINee) I won’t look back(SP) I wanna live a life from a new perspective(P!ATD)

언제나 웃어봐요~

[Trans] Onew’s Twitter Update 140724 




Shall we go to sleep after laughing?

Credit: skehehdanfdldi
English Translations: Forever_SHINee[5]

"This nightmare tightens around me on this dark night, I can’t fall asleep"


[MUSIC VIDEO]  블락비 (Block B) - HER MV


[TEASER] Block B(블락비) H.E.R(헐) #3

Sorry 미안해 - Kim Jonghyun (guitar cover SHORT Ver.)

I really hope you like it~