Hi my name is Giordana, I'm from italy and i'm 19 years old :)
I love reading mangas, drawing, playing guitar and music is my life! :)

I’m walkin’ to the day(SuJu) Walk with me(SOAD) Led to this unknown place(SHINee) I won’t look back(SP) I wanna live a life from a new perspective(P!ATD)

언제나 웃어봐요~




Blue night radio 14 / 09 / 19

  • J: The song 'Sorry' was a song that was with us in the corner "Blue Night that man who writes songs". In this song, there are cello sounds. It's not real cello (sounds) but they were by virtual musical instruments. Had a hard time during the mixing (of the song). To make it sound real.
  • cr: GTG0408
  • Tr : cosmicsticks


siwon1987 #You’dBetterWatchOut Kyu

Non penso questo suono possa mai staccarsi da me…
È come fosse un prolungamento delle braccia, una connessione wifi costante.
Le dita che toccano i tasti freddi. Quasi impersonali.
Eppure io sento il caldo quando suono…

#8suoniper3colori #dovenasconoleidee
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"you guys have been to so many places for concerts. is there any incident that’s most memorable?"