Hi my name is Giordana, I'm from italy and i'm 19 years old :)
I love reading mangas, drawing, playing guitar and music is my life! :)

I’m walkin’ to the day(SuJu) Walk with me(SOAD) Led to this unknown place(SHINee) I won’t look back(SP) I wanna live a life from a new perspective(P!ATD)

언제나 웃어봐요~


(OFFICIAL VID)140902-After School Club EP97 Live on Sep 02 1PM (KST) TAEMIN(태민) - DANGER(괴도) テミン

MAMACITA - Kyuhyun's Thanks To ♥
MAMACITA - Kyuhyun's Thanks To ♥

140829 Onew at Tom and Toms coffee:
There was Onew from SHINee,
He looked soft when I saw him from TV but in real he was kinda sharp image.
He was handsome anyway.

(x) (x)

Q: What are your future goals?
Q: What are your future goals?


Thae dance practice killed me! ;;